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VibKit's free Vee-Scope/Optical Wedge Demo Application

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Used for measuring displacement/distance and works using the principal of persistence of vision. It is used as a method of 'verification' to establish that a vibration test system is doing what itshould be, and not something unexpected due to incorrect input sensitivity set-up. This demo app allows the user to simulate the use of an Optical Wedge on a shaker. Thanks to Richard Baker of VibKit for the use of this great application. Visit today to view more great vibration testing tools.

Below is a video of this App in use.

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40 Uses for Math Traces

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Newton's Law (F=ma)

This calculator will compute force, mass, and acceleration using Newton's law, which states that the force f required to accelerate an object of mass m at an acceleration
a is equal to m * a.

To perform a calculation, enter values for two of the variables and then click the button for value you want computed.

Select units from the unit selection boxes to perform unit conversions.

Random spectrum profile calculator

Acceleration is calculated as an RMS value
Velocity is calculated as an RMS value
Displacement is calculated as peak-to-peak assuming 3-sigma peaks

How are these values calculated?
Excel spreadsheet

excel Download the iDOF calculator to see how the Degrees of Freedom is calculated.





Enter the random spectrum breakpoints:

Frequency (Hz)



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