Kurtosion Kurtosis Control

Waveform. Grms. Kurtosion®.
Our patented control now adds a third dimension to your random vibration testing.

    Spend more time at peak levels
    Where is the most damage potential of your product? Typically at PEAK acceleration levels! When the kurtosis of the signal is increased, the time spent at peak levels is increased, making your test better reflect what is happening in the real world. Some have called this “shock on random”, but it is really random with a more realistic probability distribution.

    Not Gaussian
    Traditional random control uses a Gaussian distribution, which is highly concentrated near the mean value. But the mean value is ZERO! This means most of the time the traditional random test acceleration is close to zero. In most real world environments there is significantly more time spent at the peak levels than what is produced by the traditional random test.

    More realistic probability distributions
    By controlling both the RMS and Kurtosis of the random waveform, you get more control over the probability distribution, allowing a closer match between the real world and your test lab.

    Full random spectrum
    The spectrum is defined and fully controlled just like in traditional random tests with no change as a result of adjusting the kurtosis level.

    Full RMS control
    With kurtosis control acceleration is moved from the mean towards peak levels, resulting in no change of Grms.

    Full dynamic range
    The kurtosis of the acceleration is controlled without any reduction in dynamic range.

    Kurtosion® defined
    The action or process of controlling a signal in which the kurtosis of the signal achieves a desired result; as in applying kurtosis.

    Control the Kurtosis in your random waveform
    Our latest innovation in random testing is a patented method of Kurtosis Control.

To view articles on our patented KurtosionTM control check out our “Technical Papers” page. Read our most recent publication on Using Kurtosion® to Accelerate Structural Life Testing.


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