Vibration Controller Features

Additional features to enhance your experience.

    Digital Remote I/O - VR9601
    Use the remote terminals to connect your controller to operator station pushbuttons, or integrate the controller with your chamber. This option enables the rear terminal block TTL level inputs and outputs. Each input can be configured to start, stop, and select tests. Remotely control the sweep of your sine tests from wired pushbuttons. The optional data recorder can also be controlled with these inputs. The outputs can be used to indicate the status of the test in process. Use up to eight TTL outputs, or choose six TTL outputs with two high current outputs on each VR9500.

    Digital Remote I/O with Analog Inputs - VR9602
    All 8 inputs on the back of the VR9500 can be set up as analog DC Monitor Inputs. This allows the user to monitor, plot graphs, and store data from up to 8 analog signals, including armature current and voltage and field current and voltage. Software allows scaling to your desired engineering units from the +/-10 volt input range. User defined high and low trip points provide ability to shut down the test. You can now monitor the shaker's armature voltage, armature current, field voltage, and field current, and shut down the system if out of tolerance.

    Web & E-Mail Notifications - VR9603
    Connect to your VR9500 test controller simply with a web browser. Monitor your tests from a internet connected device anywhere in the world. Save those weekend trips in to the lab, let the controller e-mail or page you if there is a problem.

    ActiveX - VR9604
    Use the ActiveX interface to integrate your vibration controller into your manufacturing process. Control your test and evaluate controller status and graph data from LabVIEW, Visual BASIC, and other programs. If you prefer you can skip the complexity of ActiveX and use the simple file based interface.

    Accelerometer Calibration Package - VR9106
    Provides an easy interface to calculate accelerometer sensitivity. This will allow the user to perform a sine sweep, controlling on a reference accelerometer, and produce a calibration report suitable for calibration record keeping. Automatically calculates the accelerometer sensitivity at the chosen frequency. Requires SineVIEW (VR9100), minimum 2 channel controller, and reference accelerometer. Read more...

    File Viewer - VR9608
    The VR9500 control system saves data as the test is running. You can look at the test results and generate reports from the control computer later. If you wish to examine the data from a computer other than the computer with the 9500 unit attached, you need this option. It is a software license to enable the controller software functions for data recall and manipulation on another computer. The system can easily be incorporated into your corporate network to facilitate data sharing.

    Tablet Remote Control - VR9609 (iPad) and VR9611 (Windows Tablet)
    Remotely control your shaker with an iPad or Windows Tablet. Use it to select, start, and stop tests. Use it with sine tests to easily change sweep direction, amplitude, or hold frequency.

    High Frequency options

    • High Frequency option is available for Sine, Random, Shock, and FDR test modes.
    • High Frequency for Sine extends upper frequency from 4.9KHz to 50KHz. Requires (VR9103) Sine
    • High Frequency for Random extends upper frequency from 4.9KHz to 50KHz. Requires (VR9203) Random and, if being exported, (VR699) export license.
    • High Frequency for Shock extends sample rates to 108,000 Hz. Requires (VR9303) Classical Shock.
    • High Frequency for FDR extends sample rates to 65,536 Hz. Requires (VR9403) FDR and, if being exported, (VR-ELA) export license.

    Automated calibration software - VR95-CAL# (annual) or VR95-CALP# (permanent)
    The automated calibration software is a one (1) year license which allows you to perform automatic calibration of your VR9500 controller. You can generate calibration reports and produce a documentation package verifying the correct calibration. This software option requires an Agilent 34401A meter, 5 BNC cables, and 4 BNC T's. Many laboratories have this equipment, but if this equipment is not in your facility, please ask us about the Calibration Equipment Package (VR95AC). The automated calibration software is now provided free for one year when you renew your Upgrades & Support Agreement. Read more about calibration.

    Emergency Stop Switch – VR95ES
    The safety switch is mounted in a magnetic mount enclosure, with a 10 meter cable attached. Can be magnetically mounted on the shaker base, or amplifier console.

    Math Traces & Calculator Option - VR9606
    This option provides the ability to define math functions based on graph traces, test parameters, and/or test results, and plot the result of the calculations as additional graph traces. In addition, calculators may also be defined to evaluate a function continuously during the test, and plot time history of the result. Each calculator can also have upper and lower limits assigned, to stop the test based on the calculation result. Read more.

    Analyzer Functions Option - VR9607
    Provides Coherence, Cross-Spectrum, and Transfer Function plots in both Random and F.D.R. test modes, FFT Spectrum plots in Sine test mode, and Scatter Plots (channel-vs-channel) in all test modes. In addition, this option provides a configurable function generator for outputting user-defined voltage waveforms. Pretest uses a low level drive signal and looks at the control and response channels to predict what will be needed at full level. Intelligent startup uses what was learned during pretest in the full level control algorithm.


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