version 2017

SineVIEW Additions

Sweep rates, amplitude ramp rates, tolerance and abort limit lines


SRTD dwelling at Frequency

Resonance dwelling at detected phase


vfw File Additions

Files now supported with SRS and UDT

SoR Enhancements

SoR Enhancements

Clipboard Support, and defining multi-sine tones

Random Additions

Random Additions

Random breakpoint table increased to 10,000 breakpoints

complete list

Complete List

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SineVIEW Additions

Amplitude transition ramp rate can be defined it a number of ways, such as linear or logarithmic. Added ability to define different sweep rates for sweeping up and sweeping down within Sine. Tolerance and abort lines in Sine time history plots added to assist in verifying amplitude ramps are within system specifications.

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video: various sine enhancements

SRTD Dwelling at Frequency

SRTD Dwell– after a sine sweep is completed the sine resonance table now defaults to the detected resonance phase relationship between the response and reference channels. In previous versions the default value was +/- 90 degrees. Be sure to also use our Phase vs Transmissibility graph when phase tracking a dwell to ensure you’re at the correct phase angle (this would be where you achieve peak transmissibility).

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video: SRTD start dwell at detected phase

VFW File Additions

"VFW file types (native VR recorded waveform files) can now be opened in User Defined Transient (UDT) and SRS test modules.”

Read more about the SRS option

video: .vfw files in UDT

SOR Enhancements

Multi-Sine tones defined with a simple profile, making entering SoR test definitions easier. Sine on Random calculates the math for your Sine tests instead of running multiple Sine tones at once. Clipboard support added to SoR profiles (Copy > Paste).

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video: SOR interface updates

Random Additions

Random PSD test profiles can now be programmed with up to 10,000 breakpoints. You can also copy and paste breakpoints into or out of each random test profile.

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